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Jessie Ware/Tinashe

On a non-food related point, I cannot get enough of Jessie Ware´s Tough Love and Tinashe´s new album, Aquarius.


That awkward first post….

Just like this video….slightly awkward but ever so charming.

For those people who read my ‘about me’, you’ll know that I started this blog because I love food. Now, I can hear you saying, ‘but well there’s a million and more food blogs on the inter webs, what’s one more, what’s so different, why should I read this and not go and look at cake porn instead?’


Well, lol, I have no answer to that. But, if you hang around,  you might see some cake porn. Or cheese porn.

Simply, I just love food. I think about it all the time, and sometimes I am overwhelmed with how delicious it all is. More for myself, I wanted a little record of everything I’ve eaten, tried to eat, and even what I’ve made. I live in a country where the food is varied, healthy, and more often than not, splendid. My brain hurts sometimes with the task of trying to describe it all. My mouth hurts too, but with trying to eat everything.


I mentioned in my mini mini biography that I try to avoid gluten. This is true, mainly because I bloat like a puffer fish if I eat it. However, I cannot abide those preachy Goop-es que blogs that try to force feed (pun intended) a philosophy. Eat what you damn well want. Are you happy? Then carry on.

A lot of what I make is influenced by dishes I’ve tried in restaurants, recipes I’ve stumbled across, or what I’ve seen on the Internet. More often than not, I’ve adapted it. I am really influenced by South American, Caribbean, Asian, European cuisine (oops, I just realised that’s most of the world, oh well) and I’ll try it all once. Sometimes, once is enough. I’m looking at you bulls testicles from Spain.

I love music and books, and I often use or invent recipes influenced by songs I’ve heard or books I’ve read. Oh yeah, and films too.

I also love cakes, cookies, biscuits, and baking generally. I can’t eat much of it but I love making it for someone else, and now, there’s some good gluten free recipes out there.


My first love is cheese. Always.

An important note to add is that life is bloody hard, most of the time. It’s a struggle to get up in the morning, live every day to the full, be your best self yadda yadda. However food is the one thing that is guaranteed to always make me happy (or sad, if it’s vile) and my aim, if you allow me is to make the world a little bit happier, one bite at a time.


so for now, bear with me and let’s enjoy the best things of this world together!