Back to that

I have returned from Hong Kong. I had full intentions of posting whilst I was away I was far too busy.

Did I fulfil my food challenge? No, sadly I did not. I underestimated just how busy I would be and also, how much delicious food I would find on my way around the island.

I did try the famous moon cake, but it was the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth. Lotus paste and an egg yolk in the middle? That’s not my kind of pastry.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

I know I will probably be criticised for eating Western food in one of the culinary capitals of the world, but after a 13 hour flight, this burger place was the first restaurant we stumbled upon. It was also home to the best burger I have ever had in my life. This particular option was chilli chicken, with roasted capsicums, an onion ring, salad and a sourdough bun. Accompanied by fries, pickle and citrus coleslaw. My god, it was delicious. So good we went back three times just to make sure.

this was hands down the best sushi I have ever had, too. I was really lucky to be able to experience such delicious food. The photo shows a mango and fried shrimp roll, with fish roe and wasabi mayonnaise. There was enough for three people here and I ate most of it. It really was beyond delicious. I wanted to eat more and more until my mouth couldn’t chew anymore. The restaurant we went to was a chain called Misocool, but forget that, it was just phenomenal. It was fresh, vivid and wild on the tongue.

This was the sashimi selection we also had. It included tuna, salmon, prawn and sea urchin. I was never a fan of sashimi until I tried it at a hidden Japanese restaurant in Madrid, and I have never experienced anything so fresh before. It really is like having a sliver of sea ice on the tongue. It’s almost buttery with the taste of the sea, and it melts away as you swallow. This was not the best I’ve had, but a close, close second.

A fresh shrimp cocktail with chilli tomato sauce. Really simple, but so effective.

Oreo cake. Nothing else to say about that.

Extremely pretty biscuits in the Chinese equivalent of Harrods.

Hello Kitty cakes in a specialist Hello Kitty deli. Yep. Asia.

Tea for two in the afternoon, I tried such a delicious variety of teas. This one, lemongrass and ginger, was my favourite simply because of the camp teapot.

Now for something non-food related:


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