L.A Nights and H-Town

Tomorrow, I am going on holiday. Can you guess where it is yet? (Brits, inappropriate Rolf Harris joke?)


Thats right, Hong Kong!

I will be there for 8 days more or less, considering time differences and flight times. Speaking of which, I have a 12 hour flight beginning at 8pm tomorrow. Joys. I have taken a Spanish grammar book, just to add to the fun. 


To to get us in the mood for chicken feet and fried toads (just kidding), my brother, mum and I went to Yo!Sushi yesterday for lunch. I know, I know, it’s a chain but it’s my guilty pleasure. 


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I had chicken teriyaki skewers, which the waiter informed me were the best he had ever seen. Aw shucks, y’all make me blush. See for yourself.


Secondly, octopus balls. I was really disappointed with these, they look freaking awesome but they tasted like something you’d get from a nasty Chinese takeaway. A little bit too fatty and fishy. I know I’ve been spoilt in Spain, considering I live across from one of the best (and one of my favourite) octopus restaurants in Madrid but they were just poor. I can’t really say more because I took one bite and made my brother have the rest. Really, it was like chewing on one of those fat balls you give to a bird, but it tasted like fish.

i also had chilli beef but I ate it too quickly to take a photo. 

Considering I’ve been eating ‘Japanese’ (mostly fake) food and will soon be travelling to Asia, I leave you with another of my guilty pleasures. This song is close to genius, and always reminds me of a city, crystalline with skyscrapers and electricity circuits of life.



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