Turtle Bay

Tonight, I had some pretty hot jerk chicken. I don’t mean hot in the spice sense, it was, but that isn’t what I’m talking about. It was sexy.

On the plate above, you can see a rather succulent 1/2 chicken marinated in jerk seasoning, grilled and served with some deep-fried sweet potato fries (I swear I ate a million calories worth of these) and Caribbean Coleslaw. Not sure what that really is, but it had sultanas in it. I hate sultanas.

Turtle Bay is a Caribbean fusion restaurant in Nottingham (my home town) . I’m almost positive it’s a chain, but anyway, I went there with my mum and brother one day in Easter in the hope of getting a table after yo!sushi had a 30 minute waiting time. What struck me is how busy this restaurant always is, and remains permanently busy to this day. The service is good, the drinks are pretty sweet and the food is delicious! A tad spicy, a tad saucy, and a lot of rhythm.

I have always loved Caribbean food, mainly because of it’s spice and flavours. I also really love the use of fruit in meat dishes, particularly mango and pineapple. Music influence is really important to me, and eating jerk chicken whilst listening to Bob Marley is pretty close to heaven for me. Ok, so I’m not on a beach, but I never said life was perfect.

*not pictured-the two other course that I also ate.


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